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Amy Poehler + Selfies (asked by anon)

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Yonce with no hands

………… Y’all I’m reblog going this from beyond the grave…. This is not perfect, this is not flawless, it’s Beyoncé. This is a new synonym for those two words, but to a greater extent.

This is magic.

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Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)

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Tina Fey as Nadya, in ‘The Muppets Most wanted’.

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I’d love to be a Bond girl.

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Did she ever rebel as a kid, do anything at all naughty or unexpected? “There’s this cough syrup called Linctifed, and it was red and it was delicious. I went and I drank the whole bottle of it, and then I replaced it with water. I got into a lot of trouble for that.” (x)

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“You don’t hear, ‘Is Will Ferrell too Steve Carell-y? Is Danny McBride too Aziz-like? There’s this mentality that there can only be one woman who is successful and funny and running their own show and if there’s more than that you must hate each other, and no.”

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Humans have a big cluster of dead keratin tendrils growing from our heads and we arrange them in different configurations and worry about whether other people find our keratin tendril arrangements aesthetically pleasing.

we are the cutest scifi species

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